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Do I need a Lawyer to Mediate?
Parties may mediate on their own or with the assistance of a lawyer of their choice. If a party uses a lawyer, he or she will have to pay the lawyer’s costs.
Who can be a Mediator?
Accredited attorneys, advocates, traditional leaders, religious leaders, members of existing mediation forums and any fit and proper person who has undergone appropriate prescribed training.
What type of cases can be referred to mediation?
All civil disputes, including family matters, claims for payment of money, claims arising from contracts, motor vehicle accident claims, claims for damages, claims involving all state organs, claims arising from customary law and tradition as well as claims relating to religious disputes, amongst others.
How does Mediation process work?
- Approach the Dispute Resolution Officer at the magistrates’ court closest to you;
- He or she will explain the mediation process and will assist you to complete a form which is easy to understand;
- The other party will be invited to a meeting with you on a particular date and time at which the parties will decide whether they wish to mediate the dispute.
- The Dispute Resolution Officer will confirm a date, time and place of mediation.
- The parties will choose a mediator from a list.
- Any of the official languages can be used at a mediation and where required the services of an interpreter are provided.
What happens after the completion of Mediation?
- The mediation agreement can be made an order of court by a magistrate;
- Should any party not comply with the agreement, the innocent party may apply to the court to enforce the agreement;
What is court annexed Mediation?
- This is a form of mediation that happens with the assistance of the court
- It is voluntary and both parties must agree to mediation
- The mediation is arranged by an officer of the court, named the Dispute Resolution Officer who communicates with the parties and facilitates the appointment of a mediator.
- Further steps in the court case will depend on the outcome of the mediation.

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