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Do I need a Lawyer to Mediate?
Parties may mediate on their own or with the assistance of a lawyer of their choice. If a party uses a lawyer, he or she will have to pay the lawyer’s costs.
Who can be a Mediator?
What type of cases can be referred to mediation?
How does Mediation process work?
What happens after the completion of Mediation?
What is court annexed Mediation?
How do I become a Mediator?
Where can I get Mediator Training?


Delegates may transfer their registration for one course/workshop to another course/workshop up to 10 working days prior to the original course date. Once a delegate has transferred no refunds can be made for the cancellation of either course. Only one transfer by any delegate may be made for a six-month period.

Delegates may also send another person in their place (substitute). Since we issue certificates of attendance is important that such a person inform us at least 3 days prior to the course/workshop.

If you cancel a Training Course/workshop: – all cancellations must be made no later than 14 working days before the start of relevant workshop/course. We will only accept cancellations that are made in writing. If a delegate fails to attend a Training Course, or a cancellation is sought within the 14 working days prior to the start of such course, full payment will be required. We reserve the right to deduct any cost incurred from any refund to a delicate.

Refund Policy: if the refund is approved by the company or representative company, it will be made through the original mode of payment only. Refund term is 21 days. It is very important to note that SAAM also make use of third-party trainers which present their own course content and may receive payment for workshops/courses into their own accounts. The directors and employees or any representative of SAAM does not take responsibility or accountability for any of such refunds or payments.

Our website portal also contains third-party courses and trainers/presenters not in the employ of SAAM and all participants to such courses acknowledge that opinions and course material does not necessarily represent the standard or opinions of SAAM or any of its directors or employees or representatives.

SAAM Training reserve the right to change the venue for whatever reason. Participants will be notified of this via SMS or email. If the change in venue is more than 20 kilometers from the original publicized venue a person may apply for a refund.

If we move a Training Course date or change course content: – we reserve the right to move a Training Course at any time, without incurring any additional liability to the Presenter or trainer or any delegate or participant. In such circumstances, we will offer alternative dates, or a credit note if such funds/payments were made to any of our companies or subsidiaries accounts.

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